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Learn all about e-cigarettes Welcome to the e-cigs Academy where we'll teach you all you need to know about these amazing products for smokers.

The Cleaner option Learn exactly why e-cigs are cleaner than their tobacco counterpart.

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Who uses e-cigarettes?

The majority of e-cigarette users are converted tobacco smokers. Because the e-cig delivers nicotine to the body and produces vapour which can be inhaled, thus mimicking the tactile and physical sensations associated with smoking, it is generally used as an alternative to tobacco smoking by those want to continue to enjoy a smoke but also want to avoid the negative side effects of tobacco.

Who should not use an electronic cigarette?

Non smokers. Anyone who is under 18 years old. Also, until you've consulted a GP about the safety of using products that contain nicotine, avoid using e-cigarettes if you are pregnant, breast-feeding or suffer from any of the following conditions: heart disease, high blood pressure, a weak or impaired immune system, an allergy to nicotine or products which contain nicotine.

Professor Michael Siegel (Professor in Dept of Community Health Sciences at Boston University) and many other public health advocates have independently demonstrated that e-cigs are approximately 99% less harmful to health than tobacco cigarettes.