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E-Cigs Academy Powered by Liberro Electronic Cigarettes

the e-cigs academy

welcome to the e-cigs academy

Here at the E-Cigs Academy, you'll find straightforward, honest answers to all your questions about the electronic cigarette. We'll tell you how it works, what the electronic cigarette can do for you and what it can't - despite what other suppliers may lead you to believe!

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the 4000+ benefits of using electronic cigarettes

The majority of e cigarette users are, or were, tobacco smokers. Because the e cigarette delivers nicotine to the body and produces vapour which can be inhaled, it provides similar tactile and physical sensations to those commonly associated with smoking a tobacco cigarette.

...but importantly...
....the vapour from an electronic cigarette DOES NOT contain the 4000+ chemicals and carcinogens present in tobacco smoke!

And it's for this reason, along with being more socially acceptable in restricted environments, that the electronic cigarette (or Personal Vaporiser as it's also known), is increasingly being used as an alternative to smoking by those wishing to continue to enjoy nicotine.

what folows is impartial information

You'll notice we have an on-line store. In fact we're proud to say we're the UK and EU's premier supplier of electronic cigarettes and accessories....

...But! We hope you'll also notice that whilst we obviously passionately believe that the e-cigarette has a vital role to play as an alternative or accompaniment to tobacco smoking, the information provided on the E-Cigs Academy is completely impartial and not intended in any way as a 'sales pitch' for our own products. If anything you read here suggests otherwise, please let us know and we'll alter it!

Please Note: If you believe you suffer from Nicotine Dependence Syndrome, please contact NHS Smokefree or your GP for help and advice.

electronic cigarette faq

Along with a comprehensive list of Electronic Cigarette FAQ, the E-Cigs Academy includes plenty of money-saving tips, time-saving tricks and e-cigarette user suggestions. Our pages will be updated regularly to ensure you always receive the latest, up-to-the-minute information.

the electronic cigarette

electronic cigarette

Check out our page on the 3 basic models, learn about e liquid and find out why refilling cartridges is more cost effective than purchasing pre-filled e cigarette cartridges.

And when you've had a look through all the other informative pages on the E-Cigs Academy, you should have all the facts you'll need to make a considered choice about whether the e cigarette is right for you, a friend or a member of your family. If you still have unanswered questions, just drop us a line and we'll do our very best to help.

Feel free to take a 'wander' around the store if you'd like to see our own range of electronic cigarettes, e cigarette cartridges or e liquid for refilling cartridges.

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