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the e-cigarette battery

which part is the e-cigarette battery?

E cigarette batteries, which often have coloured LEDs on one end, are usually the bottom part of a typical three-part electronic cigarette. The rechargeable battery screws into an atomiser which, when topped with a cartridge, creates a complete electronic cigarette.

the e-cigarette battery in operation

the glowing LED 'cherry'

The coloured LED light on the end of a battery is activated when an e smoker takes a puff of their electronic cigarette. The resulting glow can resemble the burning 'cherry' on a tobacco cigarette.

The LED also works as a warning indicator. It will flash a warning when a battery needs recharging or when too many puffs of an e cigarette are taken in quick succession.

In addition to the original orange, LED colours now include funky blue, green and pink. These alternative colours help to avoid any confusion with tobacco cigarettes in no-smoking areas.

LED Colours

how long does and e-cigarette battery hold its charge?

The length of time an e cig battery holds its charge varies greatly, depending largely upon the model of electronic cigarette and how often it's used. Although there are too many variables to be accurate, to give you some idea, a typical 20 a day smoker using the popular mini e cigarette may find a fully charged battery lasts anywhere between 2 and 6 hours.

It's always a good idea to have one battery charging whilst another is in use. For this reason, most good suppliers will include two e cigarette batteries in their starter kits.


e-cigarette battery chargers

Starter kits generally include a mains battery charger that charges a single e-cigarette battery at a time. If preferred, e-cigarette battery chargers which plug directly into a USB port can be purchased separately.

Battery Chargers

A third option and fairly recent innovation is the e-cigarette USB pass-through battery. This is also powered by your desktop or laptop computer via a USB port, but does away with the re-chargeable e-cigarette battery entirely.

Simply screw in your e-cigarette atomiser topped with a cartridge and puff-away in front of your computer for as long as you wish!

US Passthrough Batteries


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