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E Cigarette Batteries

Need more e cigarette batteries as backup? Want a spare battery for your E-Pipe or E Cigar? Then look no further, because we carry spares for all our personal vaporisers.

Integrated batteries

Batteries for the Classic pen style (RN4072/DSE801), Mini (DSE901/RN4075 series), Super (RN4081) and Zenith (510) are part of the body of the electronic cigarette.

With these 4 models, a complete e-cig consists of a 3 parts - a battery, atomiser and cartridge. The batteries can be charged in either our standard or USB model-specific chargers.

Battery LEDs

At the end of each integrated electronic cigarette battery, there is a coloured LED. This LED lights up each time you draw on your ecig, blinks when your battery needs recharging and also when you've taken too many puffs of your e-cigarette in quick succession (not wise if your vaping high nicotine-content e liquid).

Personal Vaporisers with separate batteries E Cigars take a standard, rechargeable batteries. Replacement batteries are available in the following combinations:

The Electronic Cigar takes a single, rechargeable 3.6v Lithium battery.

Individual or packs of 4 rechargeable 3.6v batteries are available as replacement parts

We also stock replacement E Cigar LEDs

USB Passthrough batteries

If you haven't tried a USB Passthrough battery yet, now's the time! A great addition to the electronic cigarette family, the USB Passthrough battery allows you to vape without using your usual e-cig battery.

Simply screw in your e-cig atomiser to one end of the USB Passthrough and connect the other to any USB power source (your computer, laptop, portable USB power pack etc).

This means no potential drop off in battery power and no more cursing because you've forgotten to charge your e-cig battery.

With a USB Passthrough battery, you're free to vape until you can vape no more!

free, Free, FREE!

Postage costs can add a huge chunk to your bill and it's where some companies offering seemingly 'great deals' make up their money.

We'd like to remind you that no matter how large or small (even a single battery), all orders are posted fast and completely FREE of charge, anywhere in the UK.

In addition, although smaller international orders incur a (very reasonable) postal charge, postage is completely FREE on international orders over 100.

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