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Electronic Cigar (E CIGAR)

The Electronic Cigar, code number RN4062, provides great throat-hit, a very easy draw, loads of vapour and looks manly enough for even the manliest of men!

What does it look like?

Our e cigar, which is the length of a very large cigar, has a brown, wood-effect finish with an LED 'cherry' on one end. And although it is fairly long, it's nicely balanced so you can hold it as you would a long analogue cigar.

Electronic Cigar performance etc

The e cigar uses a 3.7v rechargeable battery, which when fully charged, provides a longer battery life than a Classic pen style, Mini or Super electronic cigarette. The cartridge capacity of the e cigar is greater too.

This means that, depending on your vaping style, you should be able to watch a long film whilst vaping without having to change batteries or top up your cartridge with e liquid.

Any downsides?

As you would expect, the electronic cigar is fairly long, slightly longer than a Classic pen style e cigarette. Not a downside as such, unless you were expecting something stubbier.

The RN4062 also has a screw-in cartridge which is different from most other personal vaporisers. This is only a downside if you manage to cross-thread it on a regular basis which could damage the threads.

In fact, the screw-in cart is a plus-point because it allows you to hold the e cigar in your mouth hands-free without the risk of the cartridge coming loose and the rest of your e cigar ending up on the floor! That would definitely blow your James Bond cool!

Starter Pack

The E Cigar Starter Pack, which comes in a smart presentation box, includes:

  • 2 x rechargeable 3.7v batteries
  • 1 x battery charger
  • 1 x Atomiser
  • 1 x high strength cartridge
  • 1 x zero nicotine cartridge
  • 1 x user manual

Electronic cigar extras

In case you need more, all the items in the E Cigar Starter Pack (except the case and battery charger) are available to purchase separately as extras. In addition, we also stock LED end caps and a handy transworld plug adapter.

IMPORTANT: Never leave your device unattended. When not in use remove the atomiser and place the cartridge in a child resistant container.

Free, free, FREE!

Remember that if any of the items in your Starter Pack (or anything else you buy from us for that matter) stops working, we'll replace it free of charge within 30 days of purchase. And finally, don't forget that all orders will be posted to any address in the UK super-fast and completely FREE!

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