Mini Range DSE901

The Mini Electronic Cigarette

Despite what its name suggests, the 11.5cm Mini electronic cigarette (the DSE901), is in fact midway in size between the 10cm Super and the 15.5cm pen style Classic e-cigarette. Although all 3 are popular and a great example of each of the 3 basic model types upon which most electronic cigarettes are based, the Mini probably outranks both the Super and Classic pen style in the popularity stakes.

What you can expect from the Mini

Like the Classic, the Mini is a great workhorse suited to both light and 20+ a day smokers. E liquid capacity-wise, the Mini's cartridges are at least twice the size of the Super's allowing you to vape for longer without having to stop and refill.

As a rough guide, a Mini cartridge holds 0.5ml of e liquid which provides about 50-75 puffs, the approximate equivalent to 5 or 6 tobacco cigarettes. Please remember that these are only rough estimates - a lot depends upon your personal vaping style. Like the Classic, the cartridge mouthpiece on the Mini is whistle-shaped rather than round.

Any downsides?

Although the Mini electronic cigarette is a little easier than the Classic to hold between your fingers as you would an analogue cigarette, it's still fairly heavy and unbalanced in comparison to holding the PiLOT. The Mini is certainly more realistic looking than the Classic (which could be good or bad, depending on your viewpoint) but because of its length, not quite as convincing as the Super.

Colour Range

For the lovers of anything in pink, we are pleased to tell you not only is the Mini electronic cigarette available in a gorgeous shade of pink, but it even comes with a shocking pink LED (looks 'uber cool' when teamed with a pink laptop and pink mobile phone)!

And don't worry if pink isn't your thing, because the Mini is also available in a nice shiny black, white and sleek silver steel. LED colours are orange, blue, green and pink. Sorry, but for now, the pink Mini battery is only available with pink LED.

Mini Starter Kits - are you an original or Eco?

Like the Classic and Super, the Mini electronic cigarette is available in 2 starter packs with identical contents - the original and the Eco. Both include 2 rechargeable batteries, 1 atomiser, 1 battery charger, 5 assorted strength cartridges and your choice of either a UK, European or USA power cord.

The Eco is still carefully packaged instead of its original box.

We know that this small difference is not going to change the world, but less packaging and therefore less environmental waste has got to be good. Also good is the money you save when you purchase the Eco pack - in these tough times, every little counts!

Mini Extras

All parts in the starter pack are available to order individually as extras should you want more. Also available to order as an extra is the Mini USB charger which allows a computer to act as the power source for charging your Mini batteries.

And talking of extras, we highly recommend the Mini USB passthrough battery (available only in black, white and silver steel at the moment) which plugs into any USB source. This clever and extremely popular device not only allows you to vape to your heart's content without running out of battery power, it also gives you a legitimate excuse to sit in front of your computer for hours on end - perfect!

IMPORTANT: Never leave your device unattended. When not in use remove the atomiser and place the cartridge in a child resistant container.

Free, free, FREE!

Remember that if any of the items in your starter kit (or anything else you buy from us for that matter) stops working we'll replace it free of charge within 30 days of purchase. And finally, don't forget that all orders will be posted to any address in the UK super-fast and completely FREE!

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