Electronic Cigarette Myths
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electronic cigarette myths
electronic cigarette myths

electronic cigarette myths

There are many myths surrounding the electronic cigarette, some perpetrated by less scrupulous suppliers determined to make a sale at any cost. An e-cigarette cartridge is not equivalent to a whole packet of cigarettes, e-cigs don't just product water vapour and they are not designed to be a smoking cessation device. If your e-cig supplier states these as fact, it would be wise to find a more clued-in (or honest) supplier!



Electronic cigarette technology is very new - the first e-cigarette went on sale in China just 4 years ago in 2006. The infancy of the product is particularly noticeable in reliability of the component parts, particularly the length of atomiser and battery life.

Although hopefully one day all e-cigarette batteries and atomisers will last at least six months or more, at the moment no one should rightfully claim their products will last anywhere near as long before replacement parts are likely to become necessary. Before purchasing an electronic cigarette, always check that your supplier offers a reasonable warranty period.


e liquid

E liquid, e-juice, smoke-juice...whatever it's called by the supplier, the majority of liquid produced for use in e-cigarettes consists of the same or very similar ingredients. There is no good reason therefore, for any supplier or manufacturer to insist you use only their brand of e-liquid in their electronic cigarettes.


and there's more!

Below are more common electronic cigarette myths to add to those above (taken from ECF, the world's largest electronic cigarette forum).


you can use your electronic cigarette anywhere

Any pub landlord, restaurant owner, airline etc has the right to request you stop using your electronic cigarette on their premises.


e-smoking is completely safe

It is likely that electronic cigarettes are far less harmful than tobacco cigarettes, but to date there have been no official clinical trials to back this up.


batteries last for a full day before needing recharging

Battery life depends on the model, but an e-cigarette battery that lasts for a full day is still in the future. See our E-Cigarette Battery page for more battery-related information.


"tobacco" e liquid flavours taste just like tobacco

There are many pleasant e liquid flavours out there, and although some of have a similar flavour to tobacco, none of them are indistinguishable from the real thing.


there are over 250 electronic cigarette manufacturers

There are probably fewer than 10 electronic cigarette manufacturers, and the majority of those are in China.


you exhale only water vapour

Exhaled e-cigarette vapour consists largely of propylene glycol, contains virtually no nicotine and no carbon monoxide..


there is no smell associated with the electronic cigarette

In fact a faint odour reminiscent of the flavour e liquid you are vaping can sometimes be detected by those in the immediate vicinity. 


propylene glycol is used in anti-freeze

PG is sometimes confused with Ethylene Glycol which is used in anti-freeze. For more information on Propylene Glycol, see our Propylene Glycol & Vegetable Glycerine page.  

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