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electronic cigarette cartridges tips
electronic cigarettes cartridges tips

electronic cigarette cartridges

This 2nd page of cartridge tips, ideas and suggestions are some of the most popular with members of the ECF, which with over 9,000 members, is the world's largest electronic cigarette forum.


save money by reusing your e cig cartridges!

refilling cartridges rather than discarding them after one use is a great money saving tip. In fact, keep your electronic cigarette cartridges and internal fillers in good condition and they can be reused many times over. Read on to find out more.


what are cartridge fillers?

When you look inside an e cig cartridge, you'll see a small piece of light-coloured, quilting-like material – this is often referred to as the cartridge filler. In a pre-filled electronic cigarette cartridge, the filler comes impregnated with ejuice (also known as e liquid) and ready to use.

Cartridges fillers can be washed and re-used multiple times, but if a filler begins to fray, stops absorbing ejuice or tastes unpleasant when vaping an e cigarette, it's probably time to replace it. And don't be alarmed if your e cig cartridge fillers are stained brown by caramelised ejuice, this is very common and usually disappears when the fillers are washed.


how to wash cartridge fillers

No one method is better than any other for washing the fillers. Ejuice stains wash out easily, even when just rinsed under a tap. Cartridge fillers can be dunked in cold water, soaked in warm water, swilled in detergent and hot water – the choice is yours. Simply wash them however you think best and ensure you rinse them well. 
The syringe method used for extracting eliquid from used e cigarette cartridges works well for removing excess water from fillers too. Or, if you prefer, just wrap them in a few sheets of kitchen roll and gently squeeze until most of the moisture has gone.  Fillers dry quite quickly and should easily spring back into their original shape. 


wash the rest of the cartridge too

Ejuice washes out of e cig cartridges as easily as it does the fillers. But even though a rinse in cold water gets a cartridge visibly clean, be aware that it won't be enough to kill any lurking germs.

However you wash your electronic cigarette cartridges, it's important to rinse them thoroughly, especially if you've used an anti-bacterial cleaner. Finally, stand them on kitchen roll to drain and dry.


here's a tip!

It's not uncommon for cartridges to vary a little in size, even when made by the same manufacturer for the same model e cigarette. If a cartridge and atomiser are not a reasonably good fit for each other, there's a risk of ejuice leaking out of the gap between the two. This can make for an extremely slippery e cigarette that's likely to end up on the floor!

Although an e cig juggling act would be entertaining for onlookers, this is a scenario which can be easily avoided using this simple but effective fix suggested by a helpful member of the ECF forum.


method for fixing loose electronic cigarette cartridges

You will require:




  1. Heat the tip of the needle over a flame until it's red hot (beware - the needle could conduct heat along its length making it hot to hold!)

  2. Whilst still red hot, lay the tip of the needle vertically against the part of the cartridge that slots into the atomiser.

  3. Repeat the same action 3 times until you have 4 evenly spaced ridges.

  4. And now, thanks to these slightly raised ridges, the cartridge should fit snugly into the atomiser.

This method works well on most electronic cigarette cartridges.

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