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e cigarette cartridge tips

e cigarette cartridge tips

make the most of your e cigarette cartridges

Welcome to the 1st E-Cigs Academy page of tips, tricks and money-saving ideas for your electronic cigarette cartridges. Much as we'd like to claim these ideas as our own, the credit goes to the helpful members of the ECF which, with over 9,000 members, is the world's largest electronic cigarette users forum.

refilling cartridges

If you're new to electronic cigarettes, then you may not know this great money-saving tip. Buy a bottle of eliquid in your favourite flavour, save all your pre-filled cartridges instead of discarding them, and use the eliquid to refill the cartridges yourself.

This not only works out much cheaper than purchasing pre-filled cartridges but there are greater choice of flavours available too.

To find out how it's done, take a look at our refilling cartridges guide.  


extracting eliquid from used e cigarette cartridges

You'd be surprised at how many mls of good, usable eliquid can be extracted from e cigcartridges which appear to be empty because they no longer produce vapour. So don't waste it! Use this simple eliquid extraction method on all your used e cigarette cartridges before they're washed in preparation for refilling.


  1. You'll need tweezers (not vital, but helpful). Find a small bottle in which to deposit the extracted eliquid, and a syringe (without the needle is fine). 

  2. Start by removing the cartridge fillers with tweezers. Pull the plunger out of the syringe (if it resists, give it a tug and it should pop out), and put any fillers that are not bone-dry into the syringe. 

  3. Replace the plunger and hold the syringe over the eliquid bottle. Depress the plunger as far as it will go to squeeze out all the eliquid.

  4. And there you have it - eliquid that would have been wasted can now be used to refill more e cigarette cartridges. You may even have invented a tasty new eliquid flavour!


refilling e cigarette cartrdiges - useful tools

Refilling e cigarette cartridges, although not difficult, can be tricky. Therefore, many e cigarette users keep a few handy items with their eliquid to help out when required. These include:

LONG TWEEZERS...Ideal for removing, positioning and replacing eliquid soaked fillers inside your e cigarette cartridges.

SYRINGE AND WIDE GAUGE NEEDLE...A syringe and needle is helpful for extracting eliquid from half empty bottles. And when refilling e cigarette cartridges, the needle is great for dispersing eliquid along the length of the cloth filler, particularly for the Penstyle and Super e cigarette with longer cartridges.  Take a look at our syringe tips guide to see which syringes are best and where to get them.

SPARE SMALL BOTTLES WITH CHILD-PROOF CAPS...Useful for storing eliquid extracted from used e cigarette cartridges.  Also handy for any future eliquid flavour-mixing experiments.

OASIS FLORAL FOAM...Avoid unnecessary skin contact with eliquid that contains nicotine by using Oasis to hold your e cigarette cartridges whilst they're refilled.   Oasis foam also makes a great desk or table-top holder for e cigarettes, batteries and atomisers.

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