Dripping E Liquid Directly onto an E-Cigarette Atomiser
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dripping e liquid directly onto an e-cigarette atomiser

dripping e liquid directly onto an e-cigarette atomiser

The main objective when topping-off or refilling cartridgesis to bring e liquid into contact with atomiser's metal mesh 'bridge'. An alternative way to achieve this is to drop e liquid directly onto an atomiser in a method known as dripping.

The many advocates of this method claim it improves vapour production and 'throat hit'.

enclosed e-cigarette atomiser

Dripping is easier when using electronic cigarettes with an enclosed atomiser (pictured below) such as the 901 series.

enclosed e-cigarette atomisers

In these models, the atomiser is a longish metal tube approximately a third of the length of an entire e cig. Enclosed atomisers have their metal mesh 'bridge' nestling at the bottom.


exposed e-cigarette atomiser

The comparatively tiny atomiser portion of e cigarette models such as the Pilot or M401 series however, have the metal mesh bridge entirely exposed and poking up out of the atomiser casing (pictured below). exposed e-cigarette atomisers
Without the enclosed atomiser's  metal tube 'walls' to catch and channel any wayward e liquid drips, aim and accuracy is far more important and makes dripping a little trickier until you get the hang of it.


the dripping method


  1. You will only need the empty mouthpiece, so remove any inner cartridges or fillers. Keep a piece of kitchen roll nearby to mop up any excess e liquid.
  1. For enclosed atomiser models, simply drip 3 or 4 drops of e liquid directly into the atomiser tube, aiming as closely as possible for the metal mesh bridge at the bottom. The walls of the atomiser will catch and channel any misplaced e liquid down into the right place.
  1. Because exposed atomiser models have no 'walls' to channel or contain any surplus e liquid, accuracy is particularly important. Lightly touch the wire mesh bridge of an exposed atomiser with the nozzle or dropper until a few drops of e liquid have been transferred.
  1. Replace the empty mouthpiece, wipe away any excess e liquid and keeping the LED pointing downwards, wait for a moment to allow the capilliary action of the mesh to draw e liquid down into the heart of the atomiser.  The e cig is now ready to use. 

how long between dripping sessions?

As always, this varies greatly depending on the model of your electronic cigarette and how heavily you use it but as a very rough guide, you'll need to drip again after 20-30 'puffs'.  


  1. Try to avoid getting to the point where vapour tastes burnt or the outside of your atomiser feels hot to the touch because you could burn it out.
  1. When dripping, ensure you don't overfill and flood the atomiser because e liquid can then seep through and kill your battery. A few drops of e liquid are sufficient.
  1. Although most people drip straight from the bottle, a syringe may be used to drip the e liquid onto an e cig atomiser if preferred.


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