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The Cleaner option Learn exactly why e-cigs are cleaner than their tobacco counterpart.

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Why are Liberro e-cigarettes cleaner?

Firstly, although our e-cigarettes can contain nicotine they do not contain tar. Tar is a cancerous brown substance made from burnt tobacco which tends to build up in the lungs and is contained in traditional cigarettes. In the UK, tobacco smoking causes 100,000 deaths each year and 87% of the fatalities are a result of lung cancer.

Secondly, our e-cigarettes do not contain the 4,000 or more chemicals present in their tobacco equivalent. This chemical-cocktail includes ammonia (toilet cleaner), methanol (rocket fuel), hydrogen cyanide (the poison used in Death Row), butane (lighter fluid), methane (sewer gas) and acetone (nail vanish remover)!

So, is e-smoking safe?

The first electronic cigarette appeared on the market in China in 2006, so e-cig technology is still relatively new. Currently, because of the lack of clinical testing and knowledge about the long-term effects of inhaling Propylene Glycol in e-liquid, it is not legal to suggest that the use of e-cigarettes is safe.

E-cigarettes contain nicotine, which whilst not dangerous in normal quantities, is addictive, so Liberro do not sell products to under 18´s and would not advise non smokers to use our products.

But until trials have been completed and evidence provided to satisfy the necessary government bodies, the use of PG and VG in e-cigarettes, along with that of nicotine, remains subject to debate.

Is the smoke from a Liberro e-cigarette harmful?

It is not actually smoke, it is simply condensed air which is mixed with the nicotine in the cartridge to emulate the sensation of smoking and to give you the instant nicotine intake that you desire, so there are absolutely no passive´ smoking side effects.

Wave goodbye to being ostracised by friends or in public places because you are engulfing everyone in a vile-smelling, potentially harmful cloud of carbon monoxide smoke - the vapour that an e-cig produces will mimic that of its traditional predecessor but is odour and chemical free!

Why are e-cigarettes cleaner?

As well as contaminating your clothes, home and friends with an unpleasant odour, tobacco cigarettes can be messy devils. Ash-free e-cigarettes are fully house trained and will not leave a dusty trail around the home!

Does an e-cig get hot?

No, the electronic cigarette does not get hot, does not burn tobacco, does not have a flame and does not produce smoke. The atomiser or cartomiser/tip, however, does get warm during use.

Are e-cigarettes better for the environment?

The paper and tobacco in a cigarette is biodegradable, but the filters are not. Toxin-filled cigarette butts continue to pollute our streets and oceans and take between 18 months and ten years to decompose. The batteries and electronics that make up our electronic cigarettes are recyclable where facilities exit and exhausted batteries can be sent directly to us for responsible disposal.