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What is in the tip?

E-cigarette tips can be purchased pre-filled with e liquid or empty - the liquid-nicotine solution that provides the 'flavour' for electronic cigarettes is already in the prefilled tip. Empty cartridges are available to fill with your favourite variant and your preferred strength e-liquid.

What is in the e liquid?

We only use the best ingredients in our Liberro e-cigarettes and liquids, and produce everything to the highest standards.

Our exclusive e-cig Liquid Purity Range uses pharmaceutical grade nicotine (the same as the nicotine used in nicotine replacement therapy patches and gum) is produced in the UK from finest quality ingredients sourced from within the EU and comprises PG at 80% and VG at 20% for the best vapour production.

Our UK manufacturer, Decadent Vapours, maintains stringent batch controlling procedures which ensure exceptional quality in every bottle and are certified DEG free. Liquid Purity is supplied retail ready with tamper evident seals and fully complies with all relevant UK and EU safety standards, has a childproof cap, and is compatible with all electronic cigarettes.

Apart from flavouring and nicotine, like most e liquids, our liquids also contains propylene glycol (PG), unless, of course they are the VG variety! PG is present in huge range of items including everyday household items like toothpaste and soap. ECITA routinely test our e liquids using GC/MS, with isotope dilution analysis to determine nicotine concentrations. This testing demonstrates precisely what is in the liquid:

What flavours do e-liquids come in?

Liberro boast a range of over 24 delicious e-liquids from traditional tobacco to exhilarating menthol and a range of fun flavours. From Oriental Tobacco to Sweet Cherry Blush, these premium e-liquids can add a host of new taste dimensions to your e-smoking experience.

What nicotine strengths do e-liquids come in?

You can choose from a variety of strengths from 0mg (that´s right, nothing - so you can still use an e-cig, exhale vapour but you have no nicotine together with no tar and no chemicals) or you can choose:

The more popular flavours come in all strengths but others are 1.8mg which is the perfect strength to start with. You will see the various strengths available on each product page.